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I chose this book after reading Ellen Wittlinger's What's in a Name and liking it. This one is better.

It's the story of Ken, a young man who's a bit of a loner. He prefers framing the world through the lens of his camera to participating in it, but that's shaken up when he meets an odd girl at the Truro dump named Razzle. Having been uprooted by his parents from a semi-invisible life in Boston, he's now lonely living on Cape Cod with only his two older parents as company and taskmasters.

Having just retired, his parents have decided to buy and renovate a cabin resort on the Cape and all three are sort of at ends adjusting to their new lives. Too young to drive yet, Ken feels cut off until Razzle get's involved and he starts meeting some of the interesting and colorful people that live on the Cape. While Razzle and her family and friends are fascinating, one friend in particular, the vixen Harley fascinates Ken the most.

Getting to know these characters and watching their relationships develop makes for an engaging story and you quickly find yourself caring about a few of these oddballs. Well seasoned with local color and well supplied with strange factoids, courtesy of the zany Razzle, this novel is a quick and enjoyable, light read. Perhaps, given the setting, it would make a perfect beach read.

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